Guided Meditations

I tune into the energy of my Symbols to create Guided Meditations to support you in clearing blockages, raising your vibration, and stepping into the power of your true self. 

I sell Guided Meditations in my Etsy Shop.


Deep Sleep for restful and healing sleep.

The Emergency Meditation for shock and anxiety.

The Protection Meditation to keep your energetic boundaries strong. 

And More.


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The Power of Light – a Guided Meditation to support you in releasing emotional shrapnel.

“Wonderful meditation. And I heard it when I was walking in the wood and I felt more more connection with nature. Thank you Julie” ⚘⚘

Deep Sleep Meditation

“I loved this meditation. It helped me drop off to sleep in next to no time. Something I have badly needed for a very long time. Thank you Julie. Much love and gratitude for this. :)” Karen