Support for organisations

I can run Intuitive Guidance courses or workshops for your organisation. This will help to clear personal and group issues on an energetic level, leading to greater team cohesion, connection and personal wellbeing. Bespoke plans can be delivered onsite, in a therapy centre, or as part of a staff training event.

Together with Wheel of Life Coaching I also run Mindfulness courses or workshops. An example 8-week plan might include: Focus on the Now, Check in with Yourself, Change Takes Time, Dealing with Stress, Watching Thoughts and Choosing Reactions, Boosting Resilience, Staying Mindful at Home and at Work, and Tapping into the Power of Compassion.

Contact me for a quote and to discuss your needs on 07735 531943 or at

‘We take care of the future best by taking care of the present now.’ Jon Kabat-Zinn